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The health emergency linked to COVID-19 has revolutionized our way of conceiving our home and will further revolutionize the organization of work on construction sites.

ICF ITALIA system allows you to build, without increasing costs, SAFE and HERMETIC BUILDINGS enclosed by reinforced concrete walls covered in expanded polystyrene, a non-toxic and aseptic material.

ICF Italia Covid19

In addition, the internal coating with dry technologies chosen by the user makes surfaces easy to disinfect, facilitating the sanitization of environments by viruses.

Also from the construction site point of view, ICF ITALIA system favors compliance with the behavioral rules indicated by the WHO (World Health Organization), as the works last less time and require fewer workers compared to traditional construction.

This means reducing the risk of coronavirus infection for operators.

It is clear that all this cannot disregard an innovative building design, which takes into account the new needs dictated by the possibility of the pandemic repeating itself, organizing specific layouts and combining technologies with the right materials.

ICF Italia Covid19

In this regard, ICF ITALIA system has already been tested for the construction of villas, schools, laboratories and health clinics (RSA), where antibacterial finishes and last generation air exchange systems have been successfully used, which have generated conditions of HEALTH and WELL BEING.

ICF ITALIA is by your side and thinks about tomorrow.

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