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Find out the innovative feature of ICF Italia panels

ICF Italia panels, with their innovative features, allow to increase the quality of buildings, reduce construction costs and minimize time, following all current regulations.

ICF Italia panels, with their particular shape and structure, allow to:

Increase the quality of buildings. They have been developed to guarantee maximum thermo-hygrometric comfort both in summer and in winter. In particular, they offer high thermal insulation and also the homogeneity of the materials and the “calibration” of their thicknesses ensures the absence of thermal bridges also at the intersections of the walls. The dynamic parameters for summer performance were determined and the absence of interstitial or surface condensations was verified.

Reduce construction costs. ICF system consists of a “standard module” which can be used to solve all executive problems, without special elements. However, corner elements are available and might be useful for particular applications. The panels are decoupled, i.e. they can be assembled on site, allowing to reduce the overall dimensions and therefore the incidence of transport.

Minimizzare gli sfridi.
La dimensione verticale dei pannelli è stata determinata in funzione di attente valutazioni legate alle altezze standard degli edifici (altezza di interpiano e posizione delle aperture), pertanto in condizioni normali non ci sono sfridi. Inoltre i pannelli presentano una modularità minima di incastro pari a 25mm e possono essere rapidamente tagliati con precisione anche nel senso longitudinale.

Pannelli EPS ICF Italia
Pannelli EPS ICF Italia

Speed ​​up executive operations. The increased dimensions of ICF ITALIA panels, compared to those of other systems normally available on the market, and their internal structure, characterized by a double “spacer” make installation and reinforcement much quicker, more comfortable and precise . All finishing applications are simplified by the set-up of the panel, such as the external surface shaped especially to improve the adhesion of cement mortars or smoothing compounds.

Compliance with current technical standards. The geometry of the “spacers” allows full respect of the iron bars covers and the distance between the reinforcement bars, as required by the technical standards on buildings and by the Eurocodes. The spacer also guarantees the final housing of the reinforcements without the need for further binding in place, with the possibility of reinforcing even the “critical areas” of the wall, with a bracket pitch of 10cm.

Reduce risks for workers. The safety rules on construction sites have introduced important provisions aimed at reducing the risks associated with the construction activity during the construction and maintenance phases of the works. ICF Italia system, by reducing the number and duration of work phases, as well as simplifying them, minimizes the risks for workers.

Corner panels and multiple thicknesses. ICF ITALIA construction system is complete with a full range of pre-formed corner panels, which allow the corners of buildings to be built with speed and precision. ICF ITALIA corner panels are available with various thicknesses of insulating material and internal concrete, in order to meet thermal and structural needs.

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