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ICF ITALIA for the reconstruction of schools in Emilia-Romagna

ICF ITALIA construction system was used for the reconstruction of two school buildings in Emilia Romagna.

Construction of school at School Novi (MO)

Construction of school at Poggio Renatico (FE)

Following an announcement of Emilia Romagna Region, the construction of 28 schools was contracted in 2012, after the earthquake that affected the region. More precisely, the contract had as its object the works for the construction of new school buildings to replace the severely damaged schools and provided that the buildings were built with systems performing in terms of environmental sustainability, executive speed and anti-seismic safety.

ICF Italia - Scuola Poggio Renatico 23

In this regard, the construction system with “load-bearing walls made reinforced concrete built within polystyrene formworks”, such as ICF, was explicitly contemplated in the tender documents. For this ambitious tender, 310 offers were presented by 91 companies from all over Italy. The companies that won the works (in our case A.T.I. with BRC SPA of Genoa as lead) had only 50 days to start and conclude the works, a target made possible thanks to the use of the ICF ITALIA construction system.

ICF Italia - Scuola Novi Modena 23

The school buildings that were built with ICF ITALIA panels are located in the towns of Novi (Modena) and Poggio Renatico (Ferrara) and have a gross floor area of ​​3,100 and 2,000 m2 respectively.

 The works started in August 2012 and ended in late October of the same year.

ICF Italia - Scuola Poggio Renatico 24

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