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ICF ITALIA construction system allows to build high quality buildings while keeping costs down.

In un periodo di crisi come quello che stiamo attraversando risulta di fondamentale importanza contenere i costi di costruzione degli edifici. Con il sistema ICF ITALIA le economie realizzative sono molteplici e, fermo restando il livello qualitativo finale, riguardano gli aspetti strutturali, impiantistici e di gestione dell’edificio.

ICF ITALIA company has carried out many analyses and calculations aimed at verifying the effectiveness of this saving which, compared to a traditional type of building built with beams and pillars, is around 20% of the construction cost of the ” insulated ” structural part. The following is a pure example of a metric calculation and the design of a small building built with ICF ITALIA technology, through which each person can, by entering the individual prices, obtain the construction cost.

ICF ITALIA company has contributed to the drafting of a specific technical volume (author Eng. Cristian Angeli) specifically dedicated to the analysis of the costs of buildings built with the ICF system and compared with the costs of similar buildings built in the traditional way or in wood.

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This publication shows that the cost of an ICF wall laid on site, cast and finished artfully, does not exceed 90 € / m2, therefore it is over 20% lower than what it would cost to build it in the traditional brick way . In the case of wooden walls, the economic advantage is even greater than 30%. But there is more. Even if these absolute values ​​are already comforting, there isa whole lot of economic advantages that are more difficult to quantify in numerical terms but certainly present, such as:

  • Lower cost of foundations (the load-bearing walls unload the weight of the building on the ground in a very homogeneous way).
  • Absence of beams on the floors (since the floors rest directly on the walls).
  • Speed of execution, which reduces construction time and therefore speeds up the return of the capital invested.
  • Lower safety costs (since there are fewer risks for workers on an ICF site).
  • Speed and cost-effectiveness of creating conduits for utilities.
  • Lower costs to be incurred for noise insulation of the walls (thanks to the presence of the continuous slab in reinforced concrete).

In addition to all this, it would be necessary to take further account of the quality level of the final building:

  •    Anti-seismic structural safety
  •    Low running costs for heating and cooling
  •    Well-being

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