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ICF Efgad - ICF Italia Main Partner

In light of the surge in construction that has affected Israel in recent years, ICF method is the next frontier that will be used to make the construction industry effective. Efgad company has therefore adopted ICF ITALIA construction system to build from simple homes on one level up to skyscrapers, with high values of thermal insulation and maximum resistance to earthquakes.

The system has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Frame accuracy: ICF allows the construction of straight and precise walls simply and quickly
  • Speed ​​of construction: It reduces the duration of construction of the frame and the finishing of about 30% compared to standard methods.
  • Flexibility in design
  • Earthquake resistance: the building becomes a “reinforced cell” resistant to shocks and earthquakes
  • More resistant and safer: the ICF method guarantees a high level of fire durability.
  •  A cozy house to live in: in summer the house is cool and in winter it is warm, with almost no need for air conditioning.

Efgad’s method of use of ICF ITALIA system therefore makes it possible to offer an answer to the protection needs expressed in Israel.

ICF Efgad - ICF Italia Main Partner

Efgad ICF closely accompanies the entrepreneur and the contractor from the planning phase and for all the remaining construction phases. Through a team of EFgad professionals including engineers, builders, architects, inspectors and more, the entrepreneur is guaranteed advice and support during planning and implementation, guaranteeing the achievement of the desired result.

ICF Efgad - ICF Italia Main Partner
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ICF Efgad
Berl Katznelson 13, Ashkelon. info@icf-efgad.co.il

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