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TECDream- ICF Italia Main Partner

TECdream is an innovative company, sensitive to environmental challenges, dedicated to the development of sustainable projects through construction with the ICF system.

  • Technology: The quality of life is guaranteed by ICF building system which is robust, resistant and safe.
  • Environment: ICF is an excellent long-term investment and allows to have energy savings every day.
TECDream- ICF Italia Main Partner

TECdream develops construction solutions based on the following principles:

  • Development of contemporary architecture projects
  •  Offering high comfort using the most advanced technologies
  • Use of quality and ecological materials.
TECDream- ICF Italia Main Partner

ICF ITALIA system marketed by Tecdream allows great energy savings in all homes, combining a high-strength material, reinforced concrete, with two layers of EPS, a material with high insulating capacity.

TECDream- ICF Italia Main Partner

This combination creates a wall with exceptional properties, with high thermal insulation (Energy efficiency class A or A +) and sound insulation (minimum 44db). ICF ITALIA walls also offer maximum fire safety (up to 4 hours) and high resistance and structural durability.

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Company details:
TECdream, Lda
Rua Artur Dias Batista
Zona Industrial Lotes 8 e 9
2485-238 Mira de Aire | Portugal
Tel.: 244 044 413
E-mail: info@tecdream.com
URL: www.tecdream.com

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